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Suzhou Jinke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional: engaged in the development and manufacturing of ceramic fiber product equipment, aluminum silicate fiber equipment, automation equipment, and specializing in environmentally friendly pulp molding industrial packaging, and the development and manufacturing of a complete set of production lines for pulp egg trays. High-tech enterprise. The company is located in Suzhou, a city with a long history, historical sites and tourist attractions. The strong technology is passed down in Taiwan, which is the main example of Taiwan’s technology application in the country. In the initial stage, the company’s main equipment was designed and developed by senior engineers in the Taiwanese industry. The company has R&D departments in East China and Taiwan. There are many personnel engaged in equipment improvement and new equipment development. Network integration, using the latest network technology, equipment can be jointly developed by the three places, and all mechanical design and research and development are completed by 3D software. After the integration, the company’s overall research and development capabilities have been greatly improved, the product development cycle has been greatly shortened, and the company’s overall competitiveness and development capabilities are far ahead of its domestic counterparts.

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We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, and all my colleagues in the company wholeheartedly provide you with dedicated service.

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